PHY 475

2021-2022 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog Search... Entire Catalog Search Search Help Search Descriptions PHY 475 - GENERAL RELATIVITY A comprehensive treatment of special relativity including the notion of four vectors on Minkowski space time. An introduction to curved space time including Geodesics and classic tests of General Relativity. Applications include black hole physics, cosmology, Einstein's equations and more. Offered winter semester. Prerequisites: MTH 304, PHY 302, and PHY 330. Credits: 3   2021-2022 本科生和研究生目录 搜索... 整个目录 搜索 搜索帮助 搜索说明 PHY 475 - 广义相对论 狭义相对论的综合处理,包括闵可夫斯基时空上的四个向量的概念。介绍弯曲时空,包括测地线和广义相对论的经典测试。应用包括黑洞物理学、宇宙学、爱因斯坦方程等。提供冬季学期。先决条件:第 MTH 304、PHY 302 和 PHY 330。 学分:3