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数学作业代写|transformation geometry代考

Academic integrity is the foundation of the development and acquisition of knowledge and is based on values of honesty,
trust, responsibility, and respect. We expect members of our community to act with integrity. Members of our campus
community are required to abide by our institutional code of conduct and promote academic integrity in upholding the
University of Calgary’s reputation of excellence.

  1. The exam consists of four (4) written answer questions.
  2. Complete the question directly on the exam pages (by printing the page, or by writing with a tablet/iPad).
    Alternatively, if you are unable to print and do not have access to a tablet, then you may complete the exam on four (4)
    single-sided page of blank 8.5″ by 11″ paper, with one question per page. You may NOT type your solutions.
  3. Scan and/save your completed exam question as a single PDF le. Ensure that all pages have the correct orientation
    and are legible.
  4. Do not scan this page. Scan only your solutions to the problems.
  5. Upload the completed exam to the Midtern Dropbox Folder on D2L before the deadline.
  6. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.
  7. Write your work in a neat and organized format, and take the time to fully justify your steps. Your solutions will
    be evaluated based on both mathematical correctness and clarity of writing
  8. To prove a statement is false, you must write out its negation and prove that.
  9. Aids allowed: All lecture notes. What you should look for are the denitions.
  10. No other aids are allowed.
  11. Students are strictly cautioned against: (a) communicating to other students during the exam period from Thursday,
    March 11 at 11:59 PM to Friday, March 12 at 11:59 PM inclusively; (b) using unauthorized aids such as online tutorial
  12. During the examination, if a student becomes ill or receives word of domestic aiction, the student must contact
    the course instructor within 24 hours.
  13. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in rejection of the examination paper.
    SIGNATURE: Sign the top-right corner of your examination pages to indicate your acceptance of the Academic
    Integrity Statement and Examination Regulations.

math319 Transformation Geometry

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