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物理代写|PHYS5011 Nuclear Physics

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物理代写|PHYS5011 Nuclear Physics


This unit is normally undertaken as part of the Master of Medical Physics or the Graduate Diploma in Medical Physics. Nuclear properties and models, and the main types of radioactive decay (alpha, beta, and gamma decay) are covered. There is also a brief introduction to nuclear reactions. This UoS also includes fundamentals of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and magnetic resonance imaging.


At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate an understanding of basic nuclear structure, mass, and binding energy
  • LO2. demonstrate an understanding of nuclear shells and nuclear collective states
  • LO3. demonstrate an understanding of the main processes of radioactive decay
  • LO4. demonstrate a basic understanding of nuclear reactions
  • LO5. demonstrate an understanding of the physics of NMR and MRI
  • LO6. demonstrate an understanding of image acquisition in MR
  • LO7. demonstrate an understanding of quality assurance principles in MRI
  • LO8. demonstrate an understanding of room shielding and safety aspects of MRI
  • LO9. demonstrate an understanding of clinical applications of MRI


问题 1.

Separate the nuclei below into pairs of isotopes, isobars, isotones, or isomers:
{ }1^3 \mathrm{H},{ }_2^4 \mathrm{He},{ }_2^3 \mathrm{He},{ }_6^{12} \mathrm{C},{ }_7^{12} \mathrm{~N},{ }_6^{14} \mathrm{C},{ }{43}^{99} \mathrm{Tc},{ }{42}^{99} \mathrm{Mo},{ }{43}^{99 m} \mathrm{Tc},{ }_{44}^{100} \mathrm{Ru}

问题 2.

The constants of the Semi-empirical mass formula in units of $\mathrm{MeV}$ are:
\mathrm{a}{\mathrm{V}}=15.56 \quad \mathrm{a}{\mathrm{S}}=17.23 \quad \mathrm{a}{\mathrm{C}}=0.697 \quad \mathrm{a}{\text {asym }}=23.285 \quad \mathrm{a}{\mathrm{P}}=12 $$ Calculate the kinetic energy of the alpha particle emitted in the decay of ${ }{98}^{242} \mathrm{C}$ assuming no recoil of the daughter nucleus. A value of $7.5 \mathrm{MeV}$ is obtained in experiment. Compare and comment on the calculated and measured values.

问题 3.

From the known masses of ${ }^{15} \mathrm{O}$ and ${ }^{15} \mathrm{~N}$ compute the difference in binding energy.
Assuming this difference arises from the difference in Coulomb energy compute the nuclear radius of the two nuclei.
Coulomb repulsion to binding energy $=-\frac{3}{5} \frac{Z(Z-1) e^2}{4 \pi \varepsilon_0 R_0 A^{1 / 3}}$
Atomic mass of ${ }^{15} \mathrm{~N}=15.000109 \mathrm{u}$
Atomic mass of ${ }^{15} \mathrm{O}=15.003065 \mathrm{u}$

问题 4.

The ordering of the lowest nuclear energy levels is: Using this information determine the shell configuration of neutrons and protons and hence the ground state spin and parity assignments of the following nuclei:
${ }2^3 \mathrm{He}{ }{10}^{20} \mathrm{Ne}{ }{13}^{27} \mathrm{Al}{ }{21}^{41} \mathrm{Sc}{ }_{31}^{69} \mathrm{Ga}$

物理代写|PHYS5011 Nuclear Physics


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