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统计代考 | Statistical Process Control PSTAT 140 MIDTERM

Statistical Process Control PSTAT 140 MIDTERM

PSTAT 140 Midterm



Write a detailed case-study of a particular problem arising in your Course Scenario.
GUIDELINES (Read carefully)
Your case-study should be presented as a substantial, polished paper
Code and data should be included. Use appendices if appropriate.
Most students will need to invent some realistic data relevant to their Course Scenario.
Start with a description of your Course Scenario.
Choose a particular problem that may arise in your scenario and use DMAIC tools to address the issue.
Explain the problem within the broader context of your scenario. What would be gained by addressing this
Include a description of each stage of DMAIC for your particular problem, including tollgates.
Your report should also include:
(i) a flowchart for the process. Identify the value-added and non-valueadded activities/features. Use the flow chart template posted on GS or
your own.
(ii) Identification of CTQ characteristics
(iii) SIPOC diagram using the SixSigma package in RStudio (iv) Description of chance and assignable causes
(v) An out-of-control action plan (excel or Word) (vi) Cause and effect diagram, constructed using qcc() or SixSigma
(vii) defect concentration diagram, if applicable. This may be submitted as a neat drawing.
(viii) Check sheet (include suitable data based on your knowledge of your course scenario)
(ix) Pareto chart, constructed in qcc()
Value stream map showing which steps add value to the process and which are bottlenecks. (Excel or Word) (xi) Develop a Demerit System, identifying 2 defects for each class. Justify your choice of weights.
Any hand-written work submitted will result in a maximum of $50 \%$ for the midterm.
The defect concentration diagram is an exception!

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